About Us

divasIT offers several actionable economic and social inclusion initiatives aimed at highly-skilled women with immigrant backgrounds in Norway.

The Norwegian society has made considerable progress in achieving gender balance and we believe that even more success can be achieved by expanding the conversation of diversity to include women with immigrant backgrounds.

Today, there are a handful of measures targeted at highly skilled migrant women, who require little or no training to start contributing intellectually and economically to the society.

At divasIT, we collaborate with both commercial and non-commercial actors to tackle some of the challenges faced by these women. Our immediate mandate is to facilitate the job placement of highly-skilled immigrant women into Norwegian start-ups. Other ongoing and upcoming projects can be found here.

Current Projects

Start-up DivasIT

This is a job placement programme for highly-skilled immigrant women who are interested in working in the Norwegian start-up space. More information coming soon.

A Letter To ...

"A letter to..." moves your brilliant ideas from the dinner table to the public domain, where it really matters. The platform allows you to influence public policies and advocate for change.
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